About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote cultural education and diversity awareness to learning institutions, corporations, and communities that foster a more congenial relationship among its members.

Our Vision

Cheza Nami envisions a culturally diverse world where individuals of all ages and nationalities can embrace the concept of global citizenship and understand the fundamental interconnectedness of all things.

Who Do We Serve?


Cheza Nami offers activities to community organizations, schools, and corporations while addressing educational and social needs that help foster community building, global citizenship, and personal enrichment through our core programs. 

Interested in hiring us for your next event?

To bring our cultural programming to your community, please email us or call (925) 398-3827

With more than 12 years of successful programming experience, Cheza Nami has implemented drum and dance workshops, community drum circles, annual cultural enrichment events, diversity summer camps, an annual community festival, and many other community engagement and enrichment programs. 

Local Libraries
Retirement Homes
Commnity Centers
Private Organizations
Summer Camps